Scott Cousins jumped away on the second lap and with the help of a couple of other riders caught the 3 leaders. He was away most of the race in this break and managed 5th and myself (Neil Chapman) didnt do much during the race but jumped away with appox 8 miles to go and managed 11th. Photo's
4/8/2011: Matt Cater came 5th in Thursday night's race at Hog Hill.

After first of all being placed third on a wet and windy day at Hog Hill, Scott Cousins was then moved up a place to second after it turned out that there was a lapped rider who finished in front of Scott last Saturday in the Shaftesbury CC 2/3 race. Also riding was Neil Chapman and Matt Carter who finished in the top 20. The race split on the first lap after a super fast start and was spread all over the circuit. Many riders called it a day when it started to rain hard again but all Maldon riders finished. 

Keeping it to himself and almost letting it past uner the radar, Steve Bass took a tentative step into road racing and came away with a second place at last week's race on the Ford test track at Dunton. CLICK HERE 


For the many club members who went to the Smithfield Nocturne criteriums on Saturday night

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He's gone and won another TWO! Congratulations to Scott Cousins for winning at Hog Hill tonight. Scott was riding in the 3/J race and with 3 laps to go jumped away to catch 2 riders ahead. After catching them he rode straight past to open a gap of appox 45 seconds. He kept the gap to the finish to take another win for Maldon. This win also gave him enough points to gain his 2nd category licence. Report       Yes, he's just won another in today's Essex Roads Hog Hill event (Sat 14th May)!! Photos now added CLICK HERE.
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