Despite a field boasting grass track national champions and medallists, George Wood was the dominant rider by a wide margin in the Mildenhall Rally grass track racing.

Over two days of racing he won (at least): 1500m sprint, 3000m scratch, devil take the hindmost, 8km scratch (oh, and the paired hoop race with his Mum). His winnings closely equated to £20 per mile, making him one of the biggest earning British cyclists over the weekend.

George teamed up with Mark Beattie, Mike Tyas & Kev Darragh for the 2500m team pursuit. Fought out by 16 teams, Maldon set the third fastest time in qualifying. Unfortunately for them, they went seventh of the eight qualifying heats whereas first, second and fourth placing teams went off much earlier. Their ride off for third place came almost immediately after their qualifying ride, with the other teams getting far more rest. They crept into the lead at half way and held things for three laps until the combined fatigue and lack of rest caused them to tire in the final two laps, losing third place by about two seconds in a race the commentator stated to be the best of the day.