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Elveden Circuit
Meeting Minutes 28th Dec '12

Thanks to all who attended. The numbers were just about right.

Entry Point to the Elveden Estate Circuit
Is at Mattins South (IP27 9BS) on the A1065 about 3 miles north of Barton
Mills and just short of the Lakenheath Air Base. It is some 7 miles from
the Elveden Crossroads on the A11.
From the entry point it is 2 miles to the circuit / car parking area along
an estate road.
An empty Disinfectant Dip on entry may cause problems if your vehicle has
less than the standard ground clearance like some sports cars.

The Circuit
Circa 3.5 miles round consisting of 3 & 4 metre wide roads, smoothly
surfaced without pot-holes, broken edges or standing water problems but it
is NOT a sterile environment like the Lotus Test Track or the Redbridge
Circuit, these roads are in constant use by farm & estate traffic + post
and delivery vans so a certain amount of mud and grit etc is inevitable
but oh that our public roads were so well maintained.
It is proposed to run the 1st events in an anti-clock direction. At 25mph
a lap will take 8min 24 sec.
Currently there are no changing facilities. Car parking will be within
500m of the circuit.

How it came about
Lord Iveagh, owner of the Elveden Estate contacted BC at the Suffolk Show
stating that he had a 'bit of land that could perhaps be used for cycle
I followed this up and in conjunction with BC REO Sara Flatt and Derek
Lusher in a series of meetings have agreed the following.

The Arrangement with the Estate
5 days of racing in 2013. Saturday 09/03, 06/04, 11/05, 08/06 & 29/06 The
agreed cost is £4 Senior + £2 Youth with a £560 minimum. (120 Seniors + 40
Youth) The Lotus Cars Cycle Race League will fund any shortfall from its
New Event Fund for the 1st year.
Toilets - Portaloos - Estate to manage, we reimburse.
Refreshments - Estate to arrange & manage.
Lord Iveagh is adamant that the 'peace and tranquillity of Estate' be
maintained so we will impose a speed restriction of 30 mph on the circuit
approach road.
Subject to agreement with the Estate a Beaters Trailer for 'Signing On'
and a Flat Top Trailer for the Judges and Announcer etc will be provided.
The Racing
Despite the roads being Private the day to day farming needs of the Estate
must take priority and be allowed to continue with as little interruption
as possible. This may dictate direction raced and the position of the
start and finish point. Harvesting demands is the reason why the last
event is the 29th June.
Estate traffic may be using these roads whilst racing is in progress. To
enable the Estate to more or less function normally we have agreed the
following procedures.

At each of the 4 road junctions together with the familiar Caution Cycle
Event signs. They will hold any vehicle until it is safe for them to
proceed. Where possible any traffic will travel in the same direction as
the race.
All Estate staff will be prewarned of our presence.

Lead and Commissaires Vehicles.
The race will be between these vehicles, any rider past by the
Commissaires vehicle must treat the roads as they would normal public roads.
Extra vehicles will be on standby should a sufficient gap open between a
break and the bunch.

Race Radios
All officials including Marshals will be linked by radio.

No 'warming up' on the circuit whilst racing is in progress.
The 2 miles of entrance road can be used for this purpose.

It is probable that there will be no traffic other than Post, delivery
vans and the odd Estate workers car but we have to BE PREPARED for any

NO LITTER, take it all home with you.

Portaloos MUST be used.

The organisers will disqualify and not accept entry for future events on
the Estate if any rider is caught :-
(Speeding in a vehicle or not peeing in the Portaloos provided that is!)

The Races
Are deemed as road races and will carry the commensurate points
Race entry is via BC Online. Fields, 100 max for Seniors, 50 for Youth
Entries close midnight 6 days prior (the preceding Sunday).
Entry 'On the Day' permitted subject to a 50% excess.
50% of 'On the Day' entries will be paid out as lap prizes.
Signing On will close 20 minutes before race starts.
Prize fund for each race will be dependent on entry level.
Prizes will be paid on day. 1st 3 to presentation on finish line.
Races advertised may be changed for subsequent days.
Female Youth A & B Races subject to 10 minimum to be run as a separate
race. Youth C&D races over 2 and 1 laps will be added and start
immediately after the Ladies race. As riders will be out of sight for most
of the race each parent must follow on a bike or arrange for a responsible
rider to do so.
Entry for the 9th March goes live 1st Jan.

To get the races on the BC Calendar and to avoid date clashes all the
events are set up under the Lotus Cars Cycle Race League banner. This
arrangement can stand for the 1st year but in following years I hope that
individual clubs will take over.
However LCCRL cannot run them without the support and help of other clubs
and individuals.
Anyone visiting the Elveden cafe / shopping area will notice that all is
to a high standard.
We want to reflect this standard in the race organisation of every event.
1st Aid via St John has been logged on the Suffolk system and subject to
confirmation covered by the Brandon division.
A Photo Finish Camera will be used and we will do our best to obtain the
finishing position of every rider. Riders outside the prizes or license
points may have to look on the website later.
A PA system will be in use in the Start / Finish area
We have a volunteer to run the website and it will probably be
The race programme and list of riders will be added to the website and
some printed off for spectators on the day.

Help on the Day
For each and every Race.
4 marshals, 2 judges, 1 camera operator, 2 signing on, 1 announcer, 4 cars
and driver. 1 service car and driver. 15 in total.
I suggest 2 'crews' are needed as a minimum. Expense to cover costs will
be paid.
Some riders have already volunteered that if they race in one they will
assist in another and get a few quid in return.

The Future
We have to assume that 2013 will be a trial year for both parties. I have
every confidence that it will become a much needed facility. We have to do
everything in our power to ensure that the Estate wants it as much as we
We are to some extent entering the unknown and I suspect that tweaks to
the organisation and events will be necessary. It is almost certain we
will hold a review with the Estate after the 1st event and after the last
this year.

Funding (via Sports Council grants etc) for future facilities etc has
already been briefly discussed.
The Estate also seemed keen on the idea of hosting the National Youth Road
Championships for 2014.
Use for MTB, Cyclo X has been agreed in principle and Time Trials may be
possible in the future as may sportive type and family rides.

The Estate has requested that all enquires be made via:-
Sara Flatt for future events and disciplines & Ken Jolliffe for race