The two club riders representing the Maldon on the track in 2008 were George Wood and Sam Connolley who raced regularly in the track league at Welwyn, other open events and George Wood participated in the National Youth Omnium Series to try and qualify for the National Final. In order to do this he needed to finish in the top 8 overall in the National Omnium Series but eventually missed out, finishing approximately 13th but did the Maldon proud by representing the club at velodromes around the country. Here are the highlights of George & Sam's 2008 achievements.


National Track Omnium – Portsmouth (3/5/08)
George Wood:

1km TT - 8th (1:49:20)

6km Points Race - 6th

“Devil-take-the-hindmost” - 6th

1 Lap Sprint (match b from TT 3rd ) - Overall 7th

6km Scratch Race - 7th

National Track Omnium - Welwyn Garden City
George Wood

2 lap TT – 14th (1:29:38)
10 Lap Points Race - 5th
Devil - 9th
Sprint - 14th


National Track Omnium - Brighton
George Wood

2 Lap Pursuit - 8th
9 Lap Points - 7th
Devil - 10th
Keirin - 8th
8 lap scratch - 8th


National Track Omnium - Herne Hill (1/6/08)
George Wood

10 Lap Points - 5th
2 Lap TT- 16th
Devil- 9th
500m Sprint - 3rd in round, overall15th

Eastern Region Track Championship - Welwyn  Garden City (21/9/08)
Sam Connolley

7th Overall in Youth A Category (event held as an omnium)