Request for a Club Hilly TT organiser (for the morning of the event) and an extra refreshments volunteer


The hilly time trial scheduled for March 11th is looking increasingly likely to take place as there is only one key post left to fill. The role involves erecting warning & direction signs around the course before the event begins and taking them down afterwards. It is possible to do this and ride the time trial as well. This has always been done in the past by Chris Tutin, the previous organiser who has moved away. “I haven’t done it before” applies to every single club member other than Chris, so is not a reason to not volunteer. Please see the linked document for a detailed description of where signs should be placed. You will also be required to sign the risk assessment document which shows someone has been around the course in advance & has not found any unexpected or significant hazards.

We are also looking for a extra volunteer to help with refreshments.

If you are willing help out with either of these roles, please email – This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Club activities are promoted for the membership by the membership. If no-one comes forward to fill this role, the event will not happen.

The sign locations are details in this document along with the marshal points - Club Hilly Details

NOTE: The document shows the minimum marshal requirements. Additional marshals are preferred due to the nature of the course.