Important news regarding the possibility of a Maldon CC Club Hilly TT for Read more....

We are hoping to run a Club Hilly TT event on Sunday 11th March however, we will require a number of volunteers to make this happen:

Organiser - As this is no longer an Open or Spoco event then there is very little organisation that is required. However, its best to have someone who can look after the event.

Marshals - We require a minimum of three marshals for this event. However, this is purely to satisfy the risk assessment so anyone unsure of the route would need to familiarise themselves fully with the route (as usual) if we cannot get more than three.

Timekeepers - We will require two timekeepers for this event. Also, if anyone wishes to use this opportunity to see how the timekeeping works then that would also be useful. Many who have done timekeeping at our other events have said that it is more interesting that marshalling!

Refreshments - If possible it would be nice to have people to provide post event refreshments at the hall for the riders and also the helpers.

Obviously if we are unable to fill these volunteer slots then the event will not happen at all which would be a real shame.