Maldon & District Cycling Club urgently require an event organiser for the 2019 Hilly TT.

Chris Tutin was organiser of the Maldon CC Hilly TT event for many years but has recently moved away so its no longer practical for him to run the event.

All at Maldon Cycling Club are very grateful for all the work Chris has done over many years and we are sad that he is no longer organising this event.

As a result of this, we urgently require an organiser for the Maldon Hilly TT event which would take place in March 2019 if one can be found. Obviously if we dont have an organiser in place then this event will have to be cancelled.

There will be help provided from committee members and also from Chris himself to anyone who offers to take up this role. Unfortunately, this position needs to be filled as soon as possible as some of the initial setup work needs to be completed now.

Some guidance notes are provided in this pdf - Guidance Notes For Promoting Secretaries

NOTE: Many of the tasks in the guidance notes are not as involved and time consuming as they may appear. Help will be provided from the cycling club to anyone who wishes to take on this role.