Facebook Page

Used to publicise club events, news, results, photos, etc. Only the club (ie the newsletter secretary) can post on this page although people can comment on posts that we provide or like them etc. They cant add any new posts but can ask via messaging if necessary.

Maldon Cycling Club Facebook Page

Facebook Group

This is where other rides get advertised or if people want some company on their bike ride, have any cycling questions they want to ask others, suggest other rides that maybe of interest and so on. You can read the comments and posts but unless you join the group you cannot comment. Lots of people have introduced themselves on this page and now have a good circle of cycling friends both within the club and beyond. Its not just Maldon members on here so a good selection of other clubs on there so it’s a good place for a cycling chat, etc.

Maldon Cycling Club Facebook Group

Twitter - @maldoncycling

If you dont have facebook or prefer to keep in touch with club events via twitter then you will find these on our twitter account. Please follow us @maldoncycling

Maldon Cycling Club Twitter Account